Zombie Derby 2


Drive – and kill zombies at the same time


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Zombie Derby 2 is a driving game where you have to cross wastelands plagued with zombies and kill as many of the walking dead as you can en route to the finish line. In any case, you probably won't even see the finish line, as in general you end up running out of gas first.

To be able to complete the levels you have to keep playing and losing, as that's the only way to earn money and buy upgrades to your car: engine, traction, turbo, even weapons. Further on, you can even buy new cars.

The game system in Zombie Derby 2 is quite simple: tap the screen to accelerate, and tip the device to lean your vehicle during the jumps. And as you unlock firearms and the turbo, buttons for those will appear on the screen as well.

Zombie Derby 2 is an action and driving game with great graphics and a more than respectable variety of cars (there are eight in total) and settings.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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